Next HFIA 2018 Meeting:

THE NEXT BLOS AND HFIA MEETINGS WILL BE HELD AT the SS Great Britain, Bristol, United Kingdom on September 6 2018 preceded by NATO BLOS on 5 September.

See "Upcoming Events" for more information.

Welcome to HFIA,
High Frequency Industry Association

The Armed Forces Communications Electronics Association (AFCEA), High Frequency Technical Committee, High Frequency Industry Association (HFIA) provides an industry driven forum for the interactive exchange of technical ideas and information in the area of High Frequency Communications."

This site was created to provide interested parties information about the activities performed by the High Frequency Industry Association (HFIA) with detailed up-to-date information about High Frequency Radio, HF Modems, and the latest development in the field of HF Radio communications. The High Frequency Industry Association (HFIA) facilitates:

  1. - Introduction of new technical concepts and approaches to the HF community which might solve communication problems.
    - Forum for government to brief industry or standards, interoperability, and program related activities.
    - Forum for industry to disseminate views on standards, current and forthcoming technology, and interoperability concerns.
    - Mechanism to allow industry to directly contribute to the development of standards.
    - Recommendations and positions by industry to government on standards related issues.