Next HFIA 2018 Meeting:

THE NEXT BLOS AND HFIA MEETINGS WILL BE HELD AT the SS Great Britain, Bristol, United Kingdom on September 6 2018 preceded by NATO BLOS on 5 September.

See "Upcoming Events" for more information.

Associated Government Organizations

Associated Government Organizations are divided into several areas, Regulatory, Standards Development, Testing, and Systems/Equipment users.

The following list is not limited to US Government Organizations. If you or your National Government is supporting HF Radio, Standards, or Interoperability issues please forward the appropriate information to one of the HFIA Current Officers.

  1. US Regulatory
    Federal Communications Commission
    ITS, Department of Commerce
  2. International Regulatory
    ITU, International Telecommunications Union
  3. Standards Development
    ITS, Department of Commerce
    DISA Center for Standards
    US Army Information Systems Engineering Command
  4. Testing and Research
    Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC)
    SPAWAR Systems Center San Diego
    Center For Engineering, Defense Information Systems Agency
    National Institute of Technology and Standards
  5. Systems/Equipment Users
    Federal Emergency Management Agency(FEMA)
    Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)